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Hello Everyone!  Please take this opportunity to get to know your preferred childcare professionals: Melissa Robinson & Yvonne Stewart. Both Yvonne and Melissa have extensive experience caring for children. Part of what they have learned comes from being proud mothers themselves. Melissa is mother to two girls: 12 year old, Jordan, and 1 year old, London.  Yvonne has a 37 year old son, Knorrvan and a 39 year old daughter, Melissa! Yep, you guessed it Yvonne and Melissa are a mother-daughter team.


Yvonne was blessed to be a stay at home mother for both her children in Jamaica, West Indies but upon migrating to the United States, she quickly realized how difficult it was to gain employment without any formal computer training and experience. But she did know one thing: how to care for and nurture children! She quickly gained employment caring for a newborn baby girl and when that job ended began taking care of an 18 year old girl with special needs. Both experiences were rewarding and she fell in love with both girls so when Melissa approached her about opening their own childcare, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Melissa on the other hand spent many years in Corporate America but knew early on that the idea of working for someone else was not her ideal situation.  She always had a need to be her own boss and nurture her entrepreneurial spirit. Working outside the home and therefore needing to put her own oldest daughter into daycare, Melissa realized that childcare facilities are very different and not to mention, expensive. Being the type of parent Melissa is (and you obviously are if you are taking the time to search for quality care for your child), she visited over 15 daycare centers and homes throughout Boston and just was not totally satisfied with what she found. The daycare centers that she visited were costly and she was not impressed with the small room sizes, large groups of children in each room, and high turnover of caretakers. 

Finally Melissa did find a home daycare provider who was very clean, fed the children adequately, and taught them new things but it took a long time to find her. Since that experience Melissa has always been an advocate for home daycare because she has experienced first hand that if you find a good provider the children benefit more from the smaller group sizes and having one primary caregiver.  With this knowledge, ROMPER ROOM FAMILY CHILDCARE, LLC was born!  Melissa and Yvonne work hand in hand taking care of the children day to day.  This mother-daughter team is determined to give the children under their care the one-on-one attention children need in an environment they can enjoy, and parents will love.  

(updated 04/17)

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