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Welcome to Romper Room where we cater to the individual needs of our students and their families while providing the highest quality of childcare.  We are honored to have such amazing families as part of our Romper Room family.  We share a small amount of your child's life and are privileged to be given the opportunity.  Our goal is to impact our students' lives educationally, emotionally and socially so they are provided with a strong foundation for their educational career.  We look forward to working as a team to help each child reach goals and milestones that are set for them throughout their time at Romper Room Childcare.  We strive not only to provide a challenging academic program but a secure, personal environment of care to each individual student.  I hope that we can exceed all of our families' expectations and want to take the time to personally welcome your family to ours.


Melissa Robinson

Melissa Robinson

Our Philosophy

We embrace the belief that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children.  Our role is to encourage parents to enter meaningful partnerships with us as teachers of their children and be a support to them whenever needed.  We seek to provide a facility where parents can be assured that we take every effort to ensure that each child feels safe and secure at our Center.  We seek to provide an environment for children that is conducive to learning by providing an array of activities that will foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Our Goals

It is our goal to instill the highest level of confidence in the parents and families we serve.  Our objectives are:

1) to establish an environment for the care of children, outside the home, during the day, where their safety and health, both physical and mental, is ensured

2) to provide developmental care to all children

3) to stimulate, satisfy and facilitate intellectual, social, emotional and language development

4) to promote creative expression and healthy attitudes towards others

5) to generally provide children with happy and worthwhile experiences

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