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Monetary Giving

We are committed to preparing our students for excellence, fostering a will to succeed, and helping them to see their true potential; however, we need your help to do it.  About 75% of our students hail from low income households making it difficult to afford the costs associated with childcare and the activities that come with it (ie. affording a field trip).  Your contribution help us to alleviate this stress for parents/guardians. Your gift also helps us to provide a top notch facility for our students.  Thank you in advance for being a part of our village.

In Kind Giving

Donations help keep our costs down, so if you have any of the following items on hand and are willing to donate them it would be greatly appreciated.  

  • snack foods (healthy options preferred)

  • educational toys, dress up clothing, costumes

  • diapers, wipes

  • magazines

  • paper of any kind  

  • art supplies (crayons, paints, fabric scraps, glitter, pipe cleaners, paper plates, etc)

  • classroom furniture

Bartered Services

Currency doesn't have to be measured in dollars. One way to help our community, is to offer your service in exchange for our service.  If you have expertise in social media, graphic design, organizing, interior design, art, music, children's programs, fundraising, grant writing, etc....we need you! Please consider trading your time for discounted billing, free days of care or the ability to utilize our space.  The possibilities are endless. 


Volunteering strengthens your ties to the community and broadens your support network.  Helping out with the smallest tasks in our program, can make a real difference to our staff and students.  Ways to volunteer:

  • support teachers in the classrooms

  • read to our students 

  • facilitate a game or art project

  • offer your professional expertise (marketing, communications, graphic design, etc)

  • organize a fundraiser or parent group

Donations by check:

Romper Room Childcare Center

Attn: Finance Department

465 Columbus Avenue

Boston, MA 02116

How funds are distributed:


  • field trips

  • tuition scholarships

  • special programming

  • outdoor fun & equiment

  • books for the classroom

  • staff trainings

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